Bass solo - Just some funky licks

29th Sept 2016

I wrote some jazzy funky bass solo licks over this jazz funk kind of beat. Its a little bit of jazz, and a little bit of funk. Like junk. Yep, its junk..

Bass harmonic melody idea - Original

6th Aug 2016

This is a melody from a song I was working on. I thought it was nice so I made a video of it.

Skirt Alert - Corduroy

11th July 2016

Acid jazztastic.

Starchild - Jamiroquai

13th June 2016

Another funky Derrick McIntyre bassline.

Ain`t Nobody - Chaka Khan

28th Feb 2016

This is a great piece of music from the early 80's. Lots of octaves.

Main Vein - Jamiroquai

Uploaded 20th December 2015

This is a nice piece of funk from a great band.

Chick flick funk - Original

Uploaded 25th October 2015

Just a bit of funk style bass - based on the song 'Chick Flick'.

Laid back funky feel - Original

Uploaded 23rd June 2015

This is a laid back riff which might some day turn into a full song..

Reapers - Muse

Uploaded 28th June 2015

A great song by one of my favourite bands. It sounds very inspired by rage against the machine to me!

Runaway - Jamiroquai

Uploaded 30th May 2015

This is a great funky song by the band Jamiroquai. Get yourself a nice neck pickup sound and blast away.

Chowdown - Corduroy

Uploaded 24th May 2015

This is a great acid jazz song by one of my favourite bands - Corduroy. I love the drums on this track and the bass is great fun to play.

Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

Uploaded 16th May 2015

A bit of rare bass picking for me. I'm usually a fingerstyle player but I love this song so I HAD to record a version of it.