As well as playing bass in bands I like to record my own music. On this page I want to share with you some things that I have written and recorded that I think people might find interesting. There's no solo bass playing here (luckily) but head over to the video page if that's what you are in to.

This Is Where We Are Happiest. My second EP is now available on Bandcamp

And it's still free!

Another couple of years gone and this is what I have come up with since my first EP 'Wake Them Up'.

Happiness is something we all hope to find. You might have it already or you might be struggling to see it anywhere. These songs are just a few of my feelings about how I've felt over the last two years.

This is real home grown music created on minimal budget with just a few simple tools and lots of patience. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it

Or you can listen from Soundcloud with the links below

This Is Where We Are Happiest - EP 2017

This Is Where We Are Happiest. This song is dubstep inspired, mixed with piano and simple vocal melodies.

Stone Dove. A straightforward electronica song about how happy you can be on a good day

Lies. A song about people who tell lies. And about the people who stop believing them and discover there is a whole world out there beyond the walls.


Piano and Strings.


Synth heavy pop/rock.

Wake Them Up - EP 2015

Listen to the full EP here on the bandcamp player.

This is a song I wrote about my mum after she passed away in 2013. It's also for my friends Robin, Suzi, Tom and Martyn who have had similar experiences in the last few years.

I was inspired by the big smashing piano chords heard in alot of muse songs in this one. Probably a few ben folds type vocal harmonies creeping through too..

This is a song I recorded a long time ago but re-vamped recently. Addition vocals by Sarah Riley


My good friends from Santiago Street Machine asked me to remix their track 'Dr Hoax' a couple of years ago. Here it is!